The Netherlands

VOSTA LMG International B.V.
Olof Palmestraat 10
2616 LR Delft
T: +31 (0) 88 324 0700
F: +31 (0) 88 324 0799

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VOSTA LMG Design GmbH.
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 4
D-23558, Lübeck
P.O. Box 10 21 24
D-23527 Lübeck
T: +49 451 808 51 00
F: +49 451 808 51 21

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United States of America

Vosta Inc.

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VOSTA LMG India Pvt. Ltd.
415, World Trade Centre
Babar Road, Connaught Circus
New Delhi 110001
T: +91 11 4350 4545 / 4350 4543
F: +91 11 4350 4544

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VOSTA LMG (Zhuhai) Ltd.
Room 405 B, 4/F Shihang Building
No. 171 Jingshan Road
Jida, Zhuhai, Guangdong
T: +86 756 332 1886
F: +86 756 332 1885

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VOSTA LMG / ASL Marine Holdings Ltd.
19 Pandan Road
Singapore 609271
T: +65 6264 3833
F: +65 6266 1473

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Dredging Technology

Whether we are designing complete dredgers or developing only a single dredge component, our dredging technology looks beyond the initial cost of the product itself. Our aim is to achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership for the end user. In other words, our dragheads, dredge pumps and other dredging systems are designed to achieve the lowest cost per cubic meter of dredged material. VOSTA LMG uses the latest high-end engineering software and helps its developers to improve these applications every day.


Standard and custom-built trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs), cutter suction dredgers (CSDs), and engineering & components (E&C) packages.


Cutter heads, ball joints, automation, dredge pumps, inspection pieces, liners, wear-resistant solutions, swivel bends and other dredging components.


Engineering, Production Support, Conversion & Refits, Spareparts, Service Inspections, Maintenance Management as well as Training worldwide.


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Koon Construction Fall Pipe Pontoon started operating 16 November, 2016

On the 24th of October 2016, the fallpipe pontoon for Koon Construction has started operating for a civil project in Singapore. The pontoon is designed and commissioned by VOSTA LMG and built by ASL Marine Singapore

VOSTA LMG celebrates 50 years in dredge ball joints 04 May, 2015

This week VOSTA LMG celebrates an important milestone as it is 50 years since the company started with the development and production of bayonet dredge ball joints.

Quick connect dredge hose coupling successfully tested 02 December, 2014

A new “quick connect dredge hose coupling” designed by VOSTA LMG has been successfully tested in the United States in a joint effort with a USA customer.

Swedish co-maker for cutter teeth

Combi Wear Parts and VOSTA LMG have been close business partners for more than 35 years. The major breakthrough came with the new T-System in 2003, which was the start of the ongoing development of a wide range of products for cutter dredgers. One of the milestones during this period was the development of cutter teeth with a prolonged lifetime: the DURACORE teeth.


Fredrik Ivansson | CEO Combi Wear Parts

Our professionals

We manage the complete engineering process for all types of dredgers and all dredging equipment, starting from concept and continued with layout, production drawings, arrangements, as well as diagrams, schematics and isometrics for all piping systems. This process also includes technical and FEM analyses. We consider client’s request in designing high-efficiency, high-performance and low-maintenance dredgers.

Martin Krüger| Head of Engineering

Martin Krüger| Head of Engineering



A number of governmental departments form a substantial part of our esteemed clients:  ranging from Ministries of Water Resources and Transport to Port Authorities. We help them to manage their waterways.


Yards all over the world are our partners and clients. We are supporting them with dredge design, dredge component delivery, building supervision and consult in yard development.


Mining companies have different requirements to their operations and equipment compared to dredging companies. We have a large track record in this field of expertise, ranging from potash-, to diamond mining.

Dredging companies

We started up our company by delivering equipment to dredging contractors in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany mainly. Nowadays we deliver our knowledge and equipment to both privately and state owned dredging companies worldwide.